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Highly Responsive, Full Spectrum of Services

Cobalt is a leading provider of professional aviation and FAA Part 107 compliant drone services to the DoD and commercial customers. With over 25 years of front-line military aviation experience, the Cobalt Drone Team leverages its expertise, experience, and discipline as we partner with customers to develop individual mission packages with tailorable platforms, payloads, and collection objectives. Our mission tasking approach includes pre-planned, recurring, and immediate options – delivering flexible response across multiple mission areas including disaster response, crop assessment, and rescue operations.

Disciplined Process and Methodology

Trigger Event/ Customer Tasking

Mission Analysis

Airspace, Authorities, and Safety

On-Site Prep


Core Services

HD Imaging

Timely, Actionable Information

  • Overhead real time observation of worksites provides highly detailed facility intelligence.
  • Enable NRT tracking of critical equipment, inventory control, and central monitoring of complex and geographically disperse worksites.
  • Drone inspections require 75% less time and manpower than traditional methods and dramatically reduce safety related losses – increasing ROI.
  • Timely, actionable, and accurate information increases efficiency, supports planning, and improves safety.

Agriculture/Vegetation Inspection

Efficient Day-to-Day Management

  • Equipped with multi-spectral sensors and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) algorithm.
  • Provide agri-business leaders, farmers, and landscapers needed insights to identify stressed areas, maximize yields, and more efficiently deploy resources.
  • Overfly and analyze hundreds of acres in less time than a ground inspector covers a single acre.
  • Provide critical analysis enabling effective day-to-day management as well as long term planning.

Incident Response

Real Time Crisis Support for Decision Makers

  • Tiered response framework allows flexible response.
  • The Cobalt Incident Response Team (IRT) can be on-sight in a matter of hours.
  • Support decision makers by producing 3D and HD maps of affected areas, supporting search and rescue efforts with NRT (HD and thermal) imaging, and providing detailed post-incident property and infrastructure damage assessments.
  • IRT members are skilled drone pilots with military and/or first responder experience, HAZMAT certified, and expert operators in austere locations.

3D Imaging/Volumetric Survey

Precision Manpower and Resource Management

  • Provide up-to-date imagery of worksites including construction zones, quarries, and environmental clean-up projects.
  • Contour data sets for topographical data modeling in formats tailored to specific mission requirements including Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Point Cloud files, and individual HD images.
  • Provide precise material measurement and earthwork volumes for conversion into weights for invoicing, project management, and inventory control.
  • Cut/fill analyses to track project progress and completion.

Solving Tomorrow's Problems, Today.

Process | Discipline | Expertise