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About Cobalt

Process | Discipline | Expertise

We employ a defined set of tools and practices to streamline efficiency and meet objectives.


We follow a focused methodology to optimize resources and meet objective, even in the face of the most challenging and dynamic environments.


Leverage our team’s experience and expertise – from the Front Line to the Board Room to Capitol Hill, we have the knowledge and skill to meet your objectives.


Cobalt’s mission: provide our clients integrated, tailored strategies to drive the fight and own the conversation. 

Cobalt is dedicated to supplying innovative and cost effective solutions to achieve increased process efficiency, productivity, and most of all, mission effectiveness. The Cobalt team consists of highly skilled program managers, technicians, subject matter experts, and professionals with a wide range of experience supporting executives and senior leaders from the Front Line to the Board Room to Capitol Hill. 

At Cobalt, we deploy a rigorous, methodical approach to create tailored solutions for each challenge. Cobalt is a flat organization, focused on customer objectives, not outdated corporate structures. We bring highly efficient business practices and leverage proven, enduring relationships. We help our customers solve tomorrow’s problems, today. 

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Cobalt's Customers

Positioning & Engagement

  • Thought leadership on USAF Light Attack Mission
  • Direct engagement with ANG state and national leadership
  • Content development and “hands-on” marketing

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic business planning
  • Strategic messaging and rebranding
  • Policy engagement with SASC
  • Flight operations and technical support


Integrated Communications

  • Integrated advocacy and business positioning campaign
  • Strategic messaging development
  • Coalition & grassroots management
  • Client asked for confidentiality

Additional Experience

Solving Tomorrow's Problems, Today.

Process | Discipline | Expertise